Carbon Atom Mining

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"Carbon Atom Mining" creates "Octet Negative Energy" of single atoms
We dont do graphene or is C60. The video below is about C60 and they are Very Very Expensive

The customers demand and get actual physical 340 pm atoms.
Curent Production Application support of industries are Agriculture, Medical, Cleaning, Remediation and Graphene
What we do is mine atom elements from the periodic table!
For Example:
Agriculture 1/4 oz per gallon, 2.5 oz per acre 10 gallons carrier $1.98 per acre of Organic Carbon Atoms has 10,973,397,477,169,400,000 of them
Agriculture 128 oz for 50 acres 500 gallons carrier $99 per acre of Organic Carbon Nitrogen Atoms has 548,669,873,858,470,000,000 of them

Future products in R&D now are femtotechnology electron addition, 1,000,000 times smaller than nanotechnology 10 to 18th, and
electron addition for 8-octet, 9-nonet, 10-dectet, 11-undectet, 12-duodectet. And so many more products for Medical!
We are selling one Femtotechnology matter manipulation product being a Carbon Atom modified to be carbanion!